Why WordPress?

WordPress is by far the most common CMS used today. At the time of writing, more than 27 % of all webpages on the internet (sic!) run on WordPress. Yet, is it considered weak or even dangerous, from a security perspective, by numerous experts. In fact, let’s list a few of these expert opinions:

So, if there are so many security flaws built into WordPress, its core, themes, and plugins, how come we chose it for this site? For those reasons exactly! The point we are making here is that WordPress can be used safely and efficiently. If you know what you’re doing. Which we say we are.

If it’s true what they say, that anyone can take down any WordPress site, then you should have no problem with this site. Right?

What are you waiting for? Pwn us and get profit! (Details on the profit part in coming posts.)

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