We’re a couple of guys who have been doing online stuff for quite some time now. Quite successfully too, according to our recurring clients.

Our business idea here is quite simple. Set up a WordPress page and explicitly ask the global community to try and hack it. Punish us hard.

Maybe we suffer from excessive pride and self-confidence. Or maybe, just maybe, we are as good as we think we are.

The proof is in the pudding!

Because, if we can show the world that yes, we can set up an unhackable WordPress page loaded with some funds too, then some people might begin to think “these guys know what they are doing.”

And smart people will use people who know what they are doing to set up what they need online.

Worst case from our perspective: We lose a nice domain name and a mediocre webpage. And 1 BTC, give or take a few Satoshi units.

Our gut feeling, however, tells us we’re gonna win. This page will stand.

Give this page some time, and we’ll probably disclose our real names and profiles.

That’s it. Full disclosure, right there. Do what you gotta do. Peace.

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